{A fine book … The quality of public policy should be all the better for it. Read full review
Wealth Briefing
{Superb … Bergin brings his sharp eye and insights to in this elegant narrative. Read full review
{"Fantastically provocative book .. a really great read”..  Listen to the podcast
David McWilliams
Economist and Author
{An entertaining and thought-provoking exploration of economic theories that have been both widely accepted and largely wrong … I devoured it in a couple of sittings.
Peter Thal Larson
Reuters Breaking News
{Tom discusses getting shouted at by Donald Trump, war zone reporting and applying investigative reporting tools to economics. Listen to the podcast
Graham Allcott
Beyond Busy podcast
{I couldn’t put it down. A thorough and nuanced examination of the evolution of supply side economics and the debates we had around how to put the theory into practice. I loved it.
Arthur Laffer
Economic Adviser to Presidents Reagan & Trump, creator of The Laffer Curve
{Watch Tom's online interview with Andrew Keen
{Wonderful book very lively read... Tom discusses Free Lunches, Labour market regulation and economic myths with RSA Chief Executive (who moonlights as the government’s Director of Labour Market Enforcement and was previously head of policy for PM Tony Blair), Matthew Taylor. Listen to the podcast
Bridges to the Future Podcast
{Market fundamentalism has done a grave disservice to society, promising fixes to the world’s problems based on a naive application of a narrow set of principles. In this engaging and thoughtful book, Tom Bergin lays bare the contradictions with this simplistic form of economic thinking. It’s an essential read to understand where economics has erred—and how it can do better.
Professor Gabriel Zucman
The Hidden Wealth of Nations: The Scourge of Tax Havens
{A brilliant tour de force exposing the limitations of economic theories. Bergin punctures many accepted myths and - with care and rigour - demonstrates how much accepted economic orthodoxy is based on ideology and not reality. A very readable and well-researched book that we all should read.
Dame Margaret Hodge MP
Former Chair of the UK parliament’s Public Accounts Committee
{It took just over a year for the story of BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill to wash up in a tide of new books on the disaster. Of all the accounts so far, Reuters oil writer Tom Bergin provides the most compelling look at how BP found itself with President Barack Obama's boot on its throat and two-thirds of its market value evaporating.
The Daily Telegraph
7th July, 2011
{Bergin.... has provided the best assessment yet of how the accident was rooted in the nature of BP.
The Financial Times
15th July, 2011
{A gripping story of corporate hubris and incompetence.
The Sunday Times
4th December 2011
{A robust read on the combustible history of big oil.
Richmond Magazine
{If you want to know why BP got itself into such a mess before and after Deepwater Horizon, Spills and Spin is an excellent and reliable account.
The Sunday Times
10th July, 2011
{ As much page-turning thriller as it is an historical account. Bergin neatly weaves company history into the drama of the days and weeks following the worst oil spill in history and keeps you gripped at every stage.
{Bergin's book is accessible, lively and utterly compelling...
3rd August, 2011
{This is an account of that sorry saga (the Deepwater Horizon Disaster), written in tremendous style by the Reuters oil correspondent who covered BP for many years before the fateful moment in April 2010.
Financial World
September, 2011