Arthur Laffer

I couldn’t put it down. A thorough and nuanced examination of the evolution of supply side economics and the debates we had around how to put the theory into practice. I loved it.

Andrew Keen

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RSA podcast

Wonderful book very lively read… Tom discusses Free Lunches, Labour market regulation and economic myths with RSA Chief Executive (who moonlights as the government’s Director of Labour Market Enforcement and was previously head of policy for PM Tony Blair),...

An essential read

Market fundamentalism has done a grave disservice to society, promising fixes to the world’s problems based on a naive application of a narrow set of principles. In this engaging and thoughtful book, Tom Bergin lays bare the contradictions with this simplistic form of...

A brilliant tour de force

A brilliant tour de force exposing the limitations of economic theories. Bergin punctures many accepted myths and – with care and rigour – demonstrates how much accepted economic orthodoxy is based on ideology and not reality. A very readable and...